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Welcome to Regency Oaks 

Serving the Long Beach community since 1962

When you’re making a decision about the right place for rehabilitation care, Regency Oaks Post Acute Care Center should be at the top of your list.

This site will answer your questions about what to do first, how families play a role, and what to look for in a care center. We’re small—but we’re also nimble—which means that we have the unique ability to customize and accommodate the individual needs of our patients, from what you like to eat, to what activities you like to do, even the places you like to visit. From a short few weeks while in rehabilitation and recovery from a hip replacement, to perhaps longer-term residency, our goal is to make sure you feel safe, impeccably cared for, comfortable, and well accommodated during—and even after—your stay with us.

We have a strong foundation built upon our three pillars of care—communication, collaboration, and compassion. You’ll know from the moment you enter our front doors that families are welcome here, as Regency Oaks Post Acute Care Center is clean and bright, and staffed by credentialed professionals that are experts in rehabilitation and compassionate care. We encourage you to visit the rest of our site. Check out our reviews and testimonials, watch our videos, and read about the extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy we practice to get our patients feeling like themselves again. Then contact us and schedule a tour. We look forward to your arrival.

Medicare and Medicaid accepted